Ron Finklestein

The One Degree Difference!

Here is an example of the types of reviews Ron receives.

What did you find valuable about today’s program? (comments from audience evaluations)

Lots of great ideas & challenges

Great points to follow to stick with goals & executing goals

9 principles

Ron was amazing



I enjoyed it

Very informative

So much great information related to improving business


Ron was a very knowledgeable & interesting speaker – all topics were interesting

Gave some very concrete ideas on how to promote & improve business

Great info; relevant, powerful ideas from Ron

Almost everything

Very motivating

I want a 1/2 day with him

Clarity; concise & usable

Ron has excellent content & delivery

90 day plan for growing business.

Helped me focus my energies.

Enjoyed & valued all the other things we discussed.

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Ron Finklestein is an accomplished Sales Training Coach and Consultant for small businesses. Professional and public speaker. International business author.

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