Effective Persuasion Using The Platinum Rule – Video Workshop

You Don’t Have to Have an PhD to Understand how to Influence People and get RESULTS

“Is it really this straightforward to
Persuade Others to Buy your Product, Create Great Relationships to Improve Your Productivity and Get Your Life Back?”

The answer is “Yes!”
And if you want to eliminate all the worries about
“Will My Business Survive?” “Will I Have Enough?”
“What’s Going to Happen to the Economy?”
and “Is My Business Going to Be OK?” …
then this article is one of the most important you will ever read!


Dear Business Colleague:

I have some important questions for you. Think carefully as you answer:

  • Has your business plateaued?
  • Do you feel stuck?
  • Has your marketing or sales process stopped working?
  • Has fear begun to creep in?
  • Are you struggling to connect with your prospective customers?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then I have some important news for you…

The news is that you are NOT alone.

In fact, that list of questions was created from talking to literally hundreds of small business owners about the problems they were facing in their businesses.

It’s a fact: Marketing and sales strategies start off going gangbusters and taking sales and profits “through the roof” … then quickly and UNEXPECTEDLY turn ice-cold

Nearly all small business owners have had the experience of feeling like they’ve finally found something that really works with their customers… and sharing themselves both professionally AND personally… only to have customers suddenly DISAPPEAR…

And what’s worse… when this happens, there often seems to be no explanation… and NO GOOD REASON AT ALL.

These types of situations make it easy to feel pessimistic toward your marketplace in general… and can definitely lead you to believe ALL CUSTOMERS are just “screwed up”…

But is that the REAL truth?

Are your customers REALLY too messed up to understand you, your product or service and the benefits you can bring?

Is there any hope?

Why Customers “Hide”
From Some Business Owners
But NOT From Others…

There’s gotta be a better way to make a living; to make more money.  “There’s got to be a way that my financial future isn’t controlled by somebody else. Are you asking yourself ‘How can I get my business growing’ or ‘my job is in jeopardy, I need a way to create more money to protect myself!’”   And then there’s the fear of, “Oh my God, with all the competition, how do I make myself standout from all the other people so client can find me?”

Have you thought this?

“I am new to running my own business. I’m afraid I don’t have my network in place, and I don’t know who to talk to. Are they the right people? How do I know? How do I approach them?”  “What if I approach my prospects incorrectly?”

Have you said this to yourself?

“I have been in business for years and this business is running me.”

Do you feel like this?

Do you feel like you are losing control of your financial future. Are you afraid the economic situation will only make things worse for you? Are you confused about where to start or how to move forward?

Have you said to yourself (or out loud)…

“My sales have plateaued.” Are you wondering why? You are frustrated because no matter what you do, you just can’t figure out how to take the sales to the next level. And you are always the one having to do the sales! How do get some help?

Have you said this to your fellow business owners … ?

“My employees are good people but don’t work very hard!”  You feel so angry because you are paying these people a lot of money to work … really work; and you have to keep reminding them to do the simplest tasks.

Have you ever thought this?

“I am talking to everyone but the person who can buy my product!” Have you ever said that before? Did you ever ask yourself, “How do I get in front of the right people and how do I know they are they are the right people?” Are you frustrated because you are talking to many people and after a few minutes you realize they are not the decision makers or people who need your product?

Have you ever wanted to scream “I AM NOT A SALES PERSON. I HATE SELLING!”

Are you avoiding making sales calls because you are afraid of rejection? If so, you are not alone. All of us want to avoid rejection. If you are afraid to sell because you fear rejection, how will you every make any money? You do not ask for the order because you do not want to feel rejected so you say “NO” for them by not asking for the order? Or you heard the word “no” so many times, you ask yourself, “Why bother!”

Here is another favorite: “I Hate Cold Calling! I just won’t do it!” Many successful sales people feel the same way. They fear the possibility of rejection, the humiliation when someone says no and the frustration of hearing “no” over and over. What if they yell at me for intruding on their day? But there are still successful! Why do they know that you do not know? They know that cold calling is just one tool you can use but not the only one!

My sales are not consistent. I close some deals and not others and I don’t know why. I wish I knew what I was doing right so I could do it more often!” It is frustrating because you connect with some people and not others. Some get what you do. Others never seem to understand! “How can I know what I am doing right?” If you knew, then you could keep doing the same thing over and over again. Perhaps you are thinking: “If I can’t figure this out, how am I going to train others to do what I do? Others are successful. What do they know I don’t?”

Finally, you land the big deal. You’re thinking: “Alright! I got the deal, I closed the sale. Now the honeymoon is over and there is trouble everywhere. What happened?” You never expected this. You want to figure this out so it never happens again. After all, you are concerned about your reputation. You are angry that this project is losing money and you are determined to stop the bleeding.

I am sure you have said this or heard one of your fellow business owners say this: “I have this great services that everyone needs but I no one seems to understand it.  I am tired of fighting people on this. I need a simple way for other to understand what I do and why this is important to them.”

“I do things I really don’t want to do because I am afraid to hurt their feeling. I can’t say ‘no’.” Have you ever felt this way? Doing things not because you want to but because you feel you have to. You want to say “no” but you don’t. Then you agree to do something you know you don’t want to do, something that is not in your best interest, something you know you should have said “no” to and it makes you mad. All you really want to to is say “no” and not feel bad about it. You do not want to alienate business associates, customers, family, employees and others but you have to learn to say “no.” You feel guilty, frustrated, and angry with yourself because you just can’t say no.

“I like being a business owner but I am not doing the things I want to do. It is just not fun anymore. How can I make it fun again?

“Marketing is confusing, frustrating, and difficult. I don’t understand it and I can’t afford professional help. Where do I find inexpensive marketing tactics that work?” You have limited time, energy and money. You are confused and do not know who to trust. Marketing experts do not guarantee results. You need to figure this marketing stuff out yourself so you know what to do. You do not want fuzzy promises, you want results.

“It’s not your fault; there is hope.”

How do I know it is not your fault? When I started my business, I had no clue what it was like to be a business owner.

I thought I did — but I didn’t.

I had no idea what it took to sell, to market, to understand why people bought from me.

I thought I did — but I didn’t.

I didn’t understand that people buy emotionally and justify intellectually, and I didn’t know how to touch them emotionally.

I thought I knew — but I didn’t.

I spent 30 years doing business consulting for the largest companies in the world. I did admissions systems for hospitals, customer services processes for financial institutions and insurance companies, I helped restructure banks to make them more responsive to their customers. I really felt I knew what I was doing. After all, I sold many projects. I delivered on others and managed still others. You can see why I felt I understood business.

But, when I started on my own I received a HUGE wake up call that changed me and how I thought about my business.

I thought I could just dazzle prospective customers with my skills, knowledge and experience. Wow! Was I wrong!

What the small business owner was saying was, “What the hell is all this about? How will it help me to grow my business?”

This went on for two years and for two years I kept hearing, “Gosh, I don’t know what you do.”

And I had just spent an hour with them and I’m sitting there getting really angry because it’s like, “What’s the matter?  Aren’t you listening?”

I was angry and getting angrier by the minute. I really got tired of hearing, “I do not know what you do” over and over again. The reality was, I just wasn’t communicating effectively. It was like I was speaking a foreign language.

I had to learn to do my marketing, sales and communications differently. Very differently.

That meant figuring out how to get people comfortable with me and me having to get comfortable with others.

This was hard for me because I was only interested in measurable results. What I finally figured out is why people buy, why they buy from me, and how to help them do that. He is what I learned:

“Your success is 100% dependent on
how well you motivate, influence, and inspire others
to take action.”

Here is what I did to fix my problem. I knew I needed to talk to other small business owners who had been through the same problems I was experiencing. I knew others had been through this and all I had to do was find them. So I invited successful business owners to tell me what they did right. I spent five year talking with over 500 successful small business owners. I asked them questions that allowed me to tease out what they did to be successful. I created “to do lists”, behaviors and programs that allow other business owners to do the same things they did.

I was determined and hunting for the answer to one question:

“As a small business owner, what do you do to be successful?”

As a result, I learned you cannot be really good at everything a small business needs to run profitably. I learned that being a sales rep isn’t the same skillset as the skills of a marketing person, and being a marketing person relies on different skills than you need as being a leader.

From this research, I created a unique business coaching program and tested the program with my clients. I took the feedback from my clients and changed the programs until I got the formula perfect. It took five years, but I did it.

I wanted to create a place where you could go and learn this easily and comfortably. Now want to share what I learned to make your life easier; to make business as fun for you as it is for me. And to do it in a fraction of the time it took me to figure this out.

Here is a Free Tip to Get You Started

Here is a tip to get you started that does not cost anything: build your power of persuasion advisory board. Here’s how:

  1. Define the purpose of the group. Make sure it is persuasion-based and you have a specific purpose (such as sales, marketing, managing  employees, or creating better relationship, etc.) and that everyone is in agreement.
  2. Finding the right members. You want to look for people who are willing to share what they know and are not afraid to provide objective, positive and constructive feedback. Knowing how people think about your product or service is essential to craft a message that will resonate with your prospects.
  3. Meet at least once a month. All members must treat this meeting time as sacred. Sometimes it makes sense to meet weekly, especially if the group is just beginning.
  4. Keep it short and to the point: If possible keep the meeting to one hour. Once a month have special meeting where each person can put their difficult issues in front of the mastermind. Do not exceed three to four hours in length. By keeping everyone focused and on-topic you will get more done and will make members believe in the integrity of the group.
  5. Respect the voice and needs of everyone. During this longer meeting give each member of the group 30 minutes to put their marketing issues in front of the group to request feedback.
  6. Define action items that you will accomplish before the next meeting. This is vital in order to hold yourself and each other member accountable. It will also ensure that the ideas of the group come to fruition and build each member’s business.

So what’s the next step? There are two things you can do: find a group or start a group. Whatever you do, do it now. If you are like me, if you don’t do it now, it won’t get done because something else will get your attention and take you away from accomplishing your goals and dreams. Be like Jules Vern and dare to dream what your future can be like. A good friend of mine once said “a good idea is only good if you act on it.”

Action Items

Here are a few quick ideas for finding or starting a group:

1. Find other business owners who are experiencing your same problem. Just put the word out via email, blog post or classified ad in the local newspaper web site; Most of the time these ads can be placed for free.

2. Create a structure for the meeting using the guidelines above so everyone knows what to expect.

3. Give everyone an opportunity every month to share their challenges with the group.

4. Make sure there is no competition between members in the groups

5. Implement a rule in the group—no selling!

6. The best ideas come from using persuasion techniques that worked in different industries that are applied to your industry, so be sure to invite a variety of different individuals from various industries.

7. The group can be started with as few as four people. Limit the group to 10 to 12 members. This will allow for enough people to meet each month and forgive the absentees that inevitably happen.

8. Create an agenda that is always followed.

Without any money, you can start testing your persuasion techniques to see how you can become more persuasive.

Remember, multiple minds and multiple experiences are far more effective and efficient in the decision making process than any single mind or experience. This makes for better decisions and reduces the risk associated with the tough decisions you have to make daily.

The Wrong Way – and the Right Way – to Run Your Business

The most impactful elements of my coaching program are now available through this 3.5 hour video based workshop designed specifically for small business owners … The Platinum Rule ® for Small Business Mastery.

By buying The Platinum Rule workshop, (The Platinum Rule is defined as Treating Others The Way They Want to Be Treated) I will give you access to the business secrets that my clients have used to achieve results like these!

  • A home protection consultant used one tip that resulted in profit of over $1100 from one sales 30 minute sales call. In addition, he learned how to make cold calls and went from getting no appointment to making 30 calls, talking with 7 people, making 3 appointments and closing 2 sales.
  • A patent agent reduced his stress level and gained over 1 hour a day in billable time by learning to delegate. He learned that he could have some else do the work while he spent that extra hour doing sales.
  • A Probate and Bankruptcy attorney created $6,000 in additional revenues through a unique definition of roles and responsibilities that allowed her employees to make decisions that freed up her time to sell her services. This same person regained three hours a day by documenting what she expected and allow her employee to make decisions.
  • An accountant, using a referral process, purchased a book of business that resulted in $47K in revenue.
  • The president of a Medical Services Bureau, Inc, created a delegation process that saved her an hour a day. This allowed her to be more effective in sales and marketing process that allowed her to bring in three new clients while increasing the effectiveness and the reducing the stress associated with managing 10 people.
  • A financial planner increased revenues 50% in six months by creating a sales process that his client’s easily understood.
  • A Facility Management firm grew revenues over 35% year over year by getting his team clear on what was important to them and their clients.
  • One manager was promoted from management to a leadership position. With the techniques she learned, she now works with the board of directors on a monthly basis with more confidence that she ever thought possible.
  • Another accountant increased her close rate by 90% and increased profits increased 40%.
  • One company had 6 employees walk out. In less than a week, the problems were resolved and the employees we back at work.

What will you get when watch The Platinum Rule 3.5 hour workshop?

  • Feel huge relief and comfort knowing what company priorities are the most essential to your future success. You will fell energized, invigorated, empowered, focused – and happy! This clears all the fog, scatter, hesitation, doubt.
  • No one want to be sold, they want to buy! In this program you will learn how easy it is to teach other how to buy from you by treating them they way they want to be treated to accelerate your profits!
  • You’ll feel amazed and grateful that your team is behind you and moving the company’s growth forward.  For the first time, you’ll know in your heart that you are not alone and that you have the support of your people.  They will see the leader in you.
  • By speaking to others the way they want to be spoken to you’ll feel a great sense of relief … no more anxiety about “did I say they right things? You will feel safe knowing the rules of dealing with others.
  • You will gain clarity on how to communicate your value so other should hire you.
  • You will learn how to deliver your message when you get in front of the right people. You will feel great knowing you are providing a valuable service others are willing to pay for. Please note this is not a sales course but many people use it in sales, marketing, customer service and many others areas of their business.
  • Imagine the confidence you will feel when you finally understand what people want and how to give it to them!
  • You will learn and understand people do not want to be sold but they want to buy! Selling is not talking someone into buying something they do not want or need. That is manipulation! Selling is helping others make a buying decision and showing them that buying from you is in their best interest. Stop selling and teach others to buy from you!
  • You will learn to see yourself as helping others. Relief! I am helping others to make a decision that is in their best interest. Such a novel idea.
  • All of us, at one time or another, assumes people think and behave like we do and want to be treated like we do. If they were the case, life would be easy and boring. They are not like us. They have different ways of communicating, they learning differently. You will find out why and what you can do and learn how to handle difficult people. Learn to identify why people do what they do, their strengths and weaknesses. Know the best way to present your material so the person you are presenting to is more likely to hear it, receive it and act on it. More importantly, you will learn how to create effective and productive relationships that will take the stress out of your relationships and help you grow sales, manage employees and create some time to spend on yourself. You have more time, less stress, better relationships. You will be happier and more energetic because you are getting more done and getting the results you want. You are connecting with you people in a whole new way. Life is good.
  • Once you understand why people do what they do, you learn how to avoid problems. You will talk with others in a way you are most likely to be heard and understood. You will save time, energy and money.
  • Learning effective communication skills will put you in control!
  • People do not do something unless they are asked. Learn how to ask other through the use of probing questions that are not intrusive but reflect your knowledge. You can be their hero and help them solve their problem.
  • You will learn a new a way of thinking, of doing business. The only thing that holds you back is the lack of skills. We will help you acquire new skills to improve your life and business. This is very empowering because the thinking that got you here will not get you there. We will help you get there.

What will you learn?

Here is why we are different. We will take you through a 3.5 hour workshop that all my client go through (recorded live) that will help you understand what it takes to be successful in communicating and persuading others to purposeful and inspired action. Imagine the impact on your business and in your personal life as you master these skills.

Why is this important? According to SCORE 70% of business fail because they do not recognize, or ignore, what they don’t do well and not seeking help from those who do.

Here is what we will cover in following lessons:

  • Overview of creating great relationships
  • Why The Platinum Rule works
  • Understanding Directors – who want results and need to be in control
  • Understanding Socializer – who what to be appreciated
  • Understanding Relaters – who what to be liked and put others first
  • Understanding Thinkers – who want to be right
  • Understand what is important to Directors
  • Understand what is important to Socializers
  • Understand what is important to Relaters
  • Understand what is important to Thinkers
  • How to identify a persons’ behavioral style and how to respond
  • Identify your behavioral style and your strengths and weaknesses
  • How to implement what you learn
  • Why certain people respond the way they do and more importantly how you could respond
  • Etc.

There’s much more …

Here is what others say about The Platinum Rule:

“[This concept] is Chicken Soup for the Head!  It gives fun and useful insights as to how to enhance both business and personal relationships.” – Jack Canfield, Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul

“[This concept] breaks all the old rules of communications. It is full of take action strategies that cut like a laser to the heart of the human personality… yours and your customer’s. Don’t underestimate (its) power. A learning and earning tool for the times.” – Harvey Mackay, Author, Swim with the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive

“[This] is the priceless key to unlocking the door to empowerment, productivity and all business and personal relationships.  It is simply the most important leadership concept I have learned in all of my life!” – Denis Waitley, Author, Empires of the Mind and The Psychology of Winning

“This will help everyone in their daily interaction with other people by allowing a clear understanding of what style will work with each individual. Much helpful and empowering information.” – Les Brown, CPAE, Author, Live Your Dreams

“This is a hoot!  You’ll recognize yourself and all your contacts immediately.  Now you can work in a group, sell a concept, negotiate a contract, even be a better dating partner, simply by appealing to other’s needs on their level.  THIS will be your most precious resource.” – Kathy Levine, Host, QVC Inc.

You are interested, but you are not sure it for you. That’s ok because this is not for everyone.

Here’s a business secret that I want you to think about now:

What makes you unique today,
makes you a commodity tomorrow,
and makes you extinct in a week —
UNLESS you learn to adapt and thrive on change.

In other words, if what you are doing today is not working you need to do something different.

This workshop works best for business startups to businesses that have been in business for 1 to 10 years. If that description fits you, you probably became business owners out of necessity (loss of a job, career change or they want more control over their financial future.) Many times you wanted a stable source of income to protect yourself from the uncertainty of not knowing if their job will available tomorrow.

No one has taught you to be a business owner. You, most likely have never been taught how to influence others to buy your product. No one taught you how to manage employees, or set a vision for the company, or convert that vision into something that everyone understands and takes action on. You typically have less than a million dollars in revenue, don’t understand why you are doing all the work, want more free time to spend with your family, want to better understand your customers and how to get closer to them, and want to make your employees more productive.

Others who can benefit from this workshop are people working at a home based business that is not as productive as they would want or planning to start a business and don’t know how.

The Platinum Rule has been delivered to some of the largest corporations in the world. Employees of those organizations would benefit but it is not specifically designed for them. Though you will benefit for the contents we will provide, you, most likely, already understand most of these problems or your company would not be as large as it is. If you want personal business coaching we can help with that.

What makes it different?

My clients have called me “the Dr. Phil of business coaching.” The contents in this workshop is based on my book The Platinum Rule for Small Business Mastery (specifically the first 100 pages). The material has been tested over seven years with my face to face client meeting using coaching programs I developed. These programs can be found nowhere else.

My clients know I really care about them and their success and I help them get the results they want.

The question you really need to ask yourself: Do you own your business or does your business own you?

Here is how you know your business owns you:

  • You are working 6-7 days a week, 10 hours a day
  • Someone is always NEEDING to talk with you and you want to close the door and scream.
  • You are doing thing that do not contribute to your success because you either don’t know what to do or you know what to do but not how to do it.
  • You are not sleeping at night. The mind will not stop.
  • You are sleeping way too much.
  • Customers own you. They call and say jump and you say how high. You know this is not the way it is supposed to be.
  • You want to close your door and hide from the world.
  • You are angry because people are lying to you. They commit to buying from you and they don’t and you do not know why.
  • You have given yourself a deadline about closing your business. You are either going to get it right or go find a job.
  • The rate of change in your industry is more than you want to deal with.
  • You realize you hate managing people. You have never been trained. You just want the nonsense to stop.
  • You go to bed tired, your wake up tired.
  • Money is always an issue.

If your business owns you, this workshop will help you get your life back. You need to both view and implement what you learn in this workshop.

When you go through this workshop you will experience personal empowerment, accountability and a sense of well being because you will learn what to do. You will learn to:

1) Lead selflessly
2) Take risks
3) Encourage creative conflict and know how to deal with it
4) Embrace the power of meetings
5) Direct your team around a common vision you have for your business

As business owners we need to understand that people choose a path that is designed to move away from pain. When they more away from pain their intent is to end suffering; other move forward to achieve a goal by purposeful and inspired living and pain is something to work through and leave behind. We want you to move past all the fear, uncertainty and doubt you are experience and use your business to create your ideal life.

Are You A Skeptic, Too?

If you are like me, I sometimes approach these kinds of web sites with skepticism, maybe even think I am too smart for them, or go in with the attitude that the creator’s only intent is to try to make a quick buck.

If you feel that way, this workshop is not for you.

You need to be open, willing to do things differently, and try something new. If you can’t do that please don’t waste your time.

Thousands of hours have been invested in creating and presenting this system so you would not feel this is a waste of time. This workshop is an actual workshop all my clients must go through.

Being a business owner means being a leader.

A leader understands the importance developing others into leaders.  You cannot do that for others if you won’t do it for yourself.

To be a successful business owner you need to function at the higher end of the continuum.

People on the low end of the guidance continuum lead selfish, sensual or social lifestyles while those at the high end have lives centered on principles that allow them to create their ideal life and they use their business as a tool to make this happen. People at the low end of the security continuum show extreme insecurity while those at the high end have a high sense of worth, self-esteem and personal strength. People at the low end of the learning continuum base their thinking on distorted, discordant principles while those at the high end show good judgment, discernment, comprehension and continuous learning. People at the low end of the power continuum appear powerless, insecure, and react to circumstances while those at the high end are proactive, make things happen, and take responsibility for their feelings, thoughts and actions.

I remember once I purchased a large box of Crackerjacks and the prize within was a small plastic magnifying glass. I recall using it to burn holes in leaves; which demonstrated the power of focus. As a business owner you must focus on that one thing that will allow you to burn a hole in everything that distracts you from achieving your goal.  You must invest most of your time every week doing what you do best, and let others do what they do best. When you focus most of your time and energy doing the things you are truly brilliant at, you eventually reap big rewards.

The “Big Picture”

This workshop is to help you build balance by taking control of your business by understand your most important asset, other people. “The Big Picture,” balance career with personal life, build excellent relationships with others, eliminate (or at least significantly reduce) fear and anxiety – but you must use what I am going to teach you. I must ask if it’s so obvious, why do most people waste time working at jobs they hate, just to pay the bills, living a life of wasted talent and never come close to becoming rich or even more important and happy? If success is so obvious, why do most of us not take the necessary actions to move forward? Because, they are afraid, they don’t know how, and they don’t know who to trust. The way around this is improve your skills by acquiring knowledge.

Knowledge is the quickest and safest path to success in any area of life

Here are some of the things that will help you become even more successful:

1. Be Proactive. You get to decide what you want and how you want react to things, especially when a customer (or employees) is being difficult.
2. Set a goal and begin with the end in mind. I call this failing forward. When you find something that does not work, you will adjust and continue moving forward.
3. Set the correct priorities. As a business owner you are pulled is many different direction. If you do not know where you want to go, how can you set priorities necessary to achieve your desired results?
4. Think Win-Win. People buy from you when it is in their best interest. Employees come to work for you when it is in their best interest. The key for you is to know what works for you so you can create this Win-Win with both employees and customers.
5. Your success is 100% dependent on how well you lead, manage, coach, counsel, influence, and motivate others to purposeful and inspired action. You do not need to be a motivational speaker but you do need a basic understanding of people and what motivates them. Seek first to understand, then to be understood. In the sales and marketing game this is called knowing your customer needs. Or as Dr. Tony Alessandra, creator of The Platinum Rule say: “Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.”
6. Sharpen the saw. Continue learning. My guess is that Bill Gates did not grow up thinking like a billionaire. He had to grow into this mind set.

What Else Should You Know?

This workshop is built on proven techniques that have been taught to thousands of people through workshops, seminars, personal coaching and speeches. This content will teach you to both think differently and to take action that you have not been taking but need to take. You can feel safe and confident because you made a good decision. This is a good decision because you can work at your pace, spending more time on items your need to spend more time on spend less time on concepts you are already doing well, while knowing others have already implemented these concepts in the business.

Damaging Admission

If the content is so good why is the price so low? That is a great question and you show great business acuity by asking.

You will watch the video but not take action on what you learn. This is not right or wrong, it is human nature. If you are different, bless you. Many will need help in being help accountable for doing what needs to be done. I am hoping you will love the materials so much that you cannot help but call me and ask me to coach you directly.

I have another reason. You see I have a goal of reaching 1 million people with the nine principles I teach. This principle, The Platinum Rule is Principle Number Four. You read the testimonials above and where I was allowed, and all from actual clients. Most allowed me to use their names but I decided not to because I did not want my clients receiving unknown calls from people that were not going to buy from them. If you were to speak with them and they will tell you the same thing (and then try to sell you their services) I have written about in this letter. This content works.   I want you to experience firsthand the material.

As I mentioned earlier, my clients are required to buy this product and watch this video. Here is what they say as them learned, implemented and acted upon the information they acquired:


“…knows what it takes to makes winners win! Through a combination of personal experience and keen observation, he has identified actions that lead to success.”  Carl, Business Coach

“I have totally changed how I think about my business and my life! I got two hours a day back that I now use for billable activities. This is an additional $6K in my pocket!”  Probate and Bankruptcy Attorney.

“I live my life by what he teaches.” Litsa, Accountant

“I continue to grow both personally and professionally using these principles” Don, Internet Marketing Consultant

“I want to thank Ron and the material he created for the profound effect he has had on my life.  He has taught me first to discover my purpose and then to direct all my activities around fulfilling that purpose.  Now I can say “No” with confidence and find satisfaction in a focused existence.” Charity, Executive Director Non-Profit

“Treat Others The Way They Want to be Treated. Working with Ron, I have become a better leader, entrepreneur, and person. Training others is easier, profits are increasing, and I sleep in peace at night.” Dave, Trainer

“We realized a need for an effective marketing plan when we were trying to fill vacancies in our backlog that was a result of the loss of 2 major clients in a 3-month period.  While we were able to attract business, we were not able to attract the level of clients we had built our business on.  As a result, our margin was being eroded and we knew that we had to turn the business around. Ron took us back to the basics of our business and made us ask some hard questions about ourselves.  He didn’t tell us what needed to be done, but acted as a mentor and guided us through the process of defining our place in a changing market and in developing a marketing plan for that the new environment.  The result of these efforts was an increase in business of 35% year over year.  We also increased the average value of our proposals by attracting a higher level of clients. Our success was due to Ron and his methodologies.” Management Consultant

“I wanted to tell you that taking your coaching workshop has helped me as an owner and has helped me to move from playing at business to work at business.  Thank you sir.” Fence Retailer

“I have learned about business challenges and issues and how people deal with them. This has really reduced my learning curve and increased my productivity” Internet Marketer

“It is very easy for me to recommend Ron as a solid contributor to my personal development.  Consider yourself fortunate that you have found one of the hardest working individuals I have ever met.” Steve, Marketing Consultant

“Since working with Ron and using his material my company has increased revenue 40% and experienced a 90% closure of new prospect.  Consulting with Ron and using his material is a growth experience which I highly recommend for your business.” Marie, Accountant


There are three things I can guarantee to you:

  1. 30 day money back guarantee: Watch this video workshop of The Platinum Rule as often as you want and if the principles we discuss don’t work for you, you can return your videos for a full refund, less shipping and handling. It is that simple.
  2. You will think differently about your business. This is important because the same level of thinking that caused the problems you are experiencing cannot be used to correct the problem. You must think differently.
  3. You will grow personally and professional. As you start to think differently, you start doing things differently. That is what personal grow and professional growth is all about: inspired and purposeful action. We want you to be purposeful in your actions so you can achieve all the goals and dreams that are important to you.

Sincerely and with respect,

Ron Finklestein, Consultative Business Coach.

PS. Take action now to build your business and change your life. Successful people take quick action. If this is for you order the videos and start experience the benefit of taking control of your business, all for $149.

PS. If your business owners you: you are working 6-7 days a week, 10 hours a day, someone is always NEEDING to talk with you and you want to close the door and scream, you are doing thing that do not contribute to your success because you either don’t know what to do or you know what to do but not how to do it, you are not sleeping at night because your mind will not stop.You need this program.

PSS. You will learn to identify someone behavioral style and KNOW what is important to them. Your will learn to treat them the way they want to be treated. It is amazing how simple your relationships will become when you implement these concepts in your life.

Ron Finklestein is an accomplished Sales Training Coach and Consultant for small businesses. Professional and public speaker. International business author.

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