Nine Principles for Inspired Action


There are only nine things you need to know to grow your business and they are documented in this book call Nine Principles for Inspired Action: A New & Targeted Perspective.

After studying 1000 successful small business owners, I was able to distill the nine attributes they implemented in their business. I created the Business Mastery Advisory Board to drive those behaviors in my clients.

The Nine Principles are: Intelligent Self-Interest, Ownership, Results, People, Persistence, Focus, Discipline, Ideas and Action. The interesting aspect of this book is that most of the successful business owners did not know they were doing these actions. Through trial and error they found what works and started doing them.

A Little History

Why Do You Write Nine Principles for Inspired Action: A New & Targeted Perspective?

I did not set out to write this book. The book and the concepts in the book evolved over six years. I cofounded a conference with Don Philabaum (Celebrating Success! NEO Business Conference) that invited business owners to share their successes with us. A panel of judges selected the top 12 nominations each year and we featured those companies and what they did right. The business owners presenting were chartered with telling the audience of the best practices they used to achieve their results.

After reading hundreds and hundreds of nominations over the years, I started seeing a pattern in all the nominations. I distilled those observations into seven, later expanded to nine, attributes they (the presenters) implemented in their business. I then meet with people who were success and I asked them questions about these principles.

Over the years I built business coaching programs to drive these behaviors in my clients. These product include The Entrepreneur’s Advisory Board (, The Sales & Marketing Advisory Board and The Internet Marketing Advisory Board (

Over time, my l clients asked for training program that they could attend to help them better understand these principles. They also asked for laminated cards, posters, book marks, postcard, etc., that listed these principles so they could have in front of them to help them stay focused. They were carrying them in their wallet, putting them next to the phone, using them as book marks, and hanging them on the walls in their office.

The book was born from my clients asking for more details on using, understanding and implementing these principles in their business and in their lives.

I was quite reluctant to publish these concepts because some are controversial, some less than exciting, some hard to describe in writing. With help from my coauthor, Robert Schepens, I was able to clarify some of the tougher concepts in the book in what I felt was meaningful, that could be understood, and acted upon.

Who is Your Target Audience for Nine Principles for Inspired Action?

The book was original written for my clients and those who run small businesses. They have many challenges to deal with and this book will help them with these challenges. Some of these challenges include handling the accelerated pace of change, working within limited budgets, creating more clients, staying focused, being held accountable, understanding people better (The Platinum Rule for Small Business Mastery) and using time most effectively.

The purpose of the book was to help them with their decision making process by helping them understand that without a clear vision of what you business looks like, how the business can drive the type of life you want, and how your business can change the lives of your clients, it is really hard to be effective and take purposeful action that leads to the desired results. Without this clarity no decision is a safe decision.

Though the book has a decidedly business bent to it and the primary audience is business owners, these same principles will work for anyone who wants to add meaning to their lives and wants to be the effect, not the cause of their lives.

What do I Want that Person to Take Away from the Nine Principles for Inspired Action: A New & Targeted Perspective and use immediately?

This is best summed up by this sentence: To help the small business owner take purposeful action that allows them to be cause, not the effects, of their life.

Book Review – Nine Principles: Inspired Action: A New and Targeted Perspective

Ralph Berge

Ron Finklestein asked me to read the first chapter of Nine Principles late last summer (I’ve since read the entire book). That chapter is titled “The Power of Selfishness (Intelligent Self Interest). I have to admit, because of my belief system, the chapter’s title was hard to digest. It caused me to: (1) question a personal belief – “selfishness is appalling” and (2) to breakthrough to new beliefs that being selfish is OK and in many cases is necessary. I also realized that this concept is something I’ve been trying say and successfully relay to others around me.

In one recent case I told a client (knowing that I was being totally contrary to his beliefs) that “it is OK to be selfish”. It stopped him in his tracks…he had never considered this thought and frankly I knew it was clouding his pathway to the next steps in his business life. He glared at me and refused to discuss the concept further, so we moved on to other issues. A week later at our regular coaching session my client brought up the “selfishness concept” and admitted that if his business was to be successful he needed to be selfish (with no intent of selfishness). Today, after this breakthrough, we are on our way to creating a pathway for his journey to the next level of his life.

This case illustrates the power of Finklestein’s book. Clearly, I believe business owners need to understand these principles, both in business and in life. The book delivers. It inspires the reader to consider (or reconsider) their own belief system and it reminds them that the only way to move forward is to take action. I take pleasure in both of these principles because they cause the reader to consider/ question who they are (beliefs) and they are reminded that if progress is to be made, action must be taken. This leads to creating a vision and establishing achievable goals to take them to their vision. It also establishes a plan to hold them accountable.

In my view, Nine Principles: Inspired Action: A New and Targeted Perspective provides many of the tools that we need to think about and regularly re-evaluate to keep on track in both our business and in life.

Ralph Berge, Business Coach and Owner of Action Coach of the North Coast

Here is what others say about the book!

If you want to run your life and your business with “purpose” instead of letting them run you, follow Ron’s 9 principles.  You’ll achieve the results you dreamed of, and be glad you read this book. Anita Campbell, Editor in chief,

“Finally, a book that lays out a simple path to success. Its nine principles will change the lives of people who use them. Positive results come from doing something, learning from the outcome, making any necessary changes and doing it again. If you are not reaching your goals, or simply want more out of life, then this book is a must read; it’s the result of studying over 500 successful business owners. These principles work!” Dr. Tony Alessandra, Author of The Platinum Rule and The NEW Art of Managing People

“In this age of global change, people and world markets are moving increasingly toward one another.  Making our mark in this new environment requires us to accept new approaches, to take calculated risks and to adopt new expectations. Indeed, learning is a continuous process, and as Ron Finklestein points out, we must persistently explore opportunities that are congruent with these new realities.  We can think of it as a kind of selfish altruism – our personal recognition that in helping others, we make everything better for everyone, including ourselves.” Dr. Luis M. Proenza, President, The University of Akron

“Amazing! This book is the result of studying over 500 successful business owners. It’s amazing how they all exhibit the same behaviors. Best of all, this book documents these behaviors in nine principles you can use to super-charge your business and your life!” Jason Oman, Creator & #1 Best Selling co-Author of Conversations with Millionaires

“Ron’s “Nine Principles” solves the mystery and cracks the true success code through the experience, successes, and failures of his own business and those of his clients. His proven formula allows you to break free of the confusion experienced by so many entrepreneurs seeking a “magic pill” to greatness, and provides you the roadmap to lasting success in both business and life.” Steve Underation, Best Selling Author of Trade Show Profit Secrets, co-author of The Platinum Rule for Trade Show Mastery

“There is a formula to achieve anything … family, sports, business … anything. In Taking Inspired Action, Ron clearly sets forth the formula for overall personal and professional success that anyone can achieve.” Frank Agin, Author, Foundational Networking

“The principles in this book matched my own beliefs including taking 100 percent responsibility for our lives, discovering what we are meant to do (innermost passions) and taking inspired actions that ultimately fulfill our innermost needs and those of others simply because we are totally on purpose with our life. If you want to learn the secrets of super successful people, this book will re-awaken dormant knowledge buried deeply within you!” Stephen Hopson, Former Award-Winning Wall Street Stockbroker turned Inspirational Speaker, Writer and first deaf pilot in the world with an instrument rating

“A plan without action is only a DREAM! In his new book “Nine Principles” Ron Finklestein explains the power of taking personal ownership and appropriate action to achieve what you want in business and life. I call this being “above the line.” Ron’s first principle of intelligent self-interest is a key ingredient. Unfortunately, it is often misunderstood and ultimately blocks our journey to success. The “Nine Principles” creates a pathway that leads us to continuous learning, growth and to becoming the truly successful person we know we can be. Read this book!” Ralph Berge, Business Coach and Owner of Action Coach of the North Coast

“Ron has gone beyond personal development. His unique insight into human behavior allows you to go to your core to not only better understand yourself, but those you communicate with in business. What I love about Ron Finklestein’s writing is that he not only identifies the problem, but gives you the common sense answer with a fresh approach to have greater success.” Dale Stefancic, Radio Personality,

“I live my life by these principles! I had Ron create a poster listing these principles that I put on my office wall to remind myself daily how to grow a profitable business!” Litsa Voulgaris, Aris Financial Services

“My revenues have improved by more than 50% using these principles.” Dave Vespoli, Financial Planner

“I got one hour a day back by implementing these concepts in my life.” D.A. Stauffer, Stauffer Patent Services LLC

“I have totally changed how I think about my business and my life. These principles are truly empowering.” Maureen Gechter, Probate Attorney

Ron Finklestein is an accomplished Sales Training Coach and Consultant for small businesses. Professional and public speaker. International business author.

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