49 Marketing Secrets (THAT WORK) to Grow Sales (eBook)

Finally, Marketing That Works, Is Easy, Affordable, And Practical To Grow Sales And Make Money!

49 Marketing Secrets
(THAT WORK) to Grow Sales

You want to grow sales but you are not sure how?

You know the right marketing program will take your business to the next level but you don’t know who to trust?

There is so much “noise” that you don’t know what works?

If you feel that way, you came to the right place.

49 Marketing Secrets (that work) to Grow Sales was developed with you in mind.

Hi, my name is Ron Finklestein and I created this book. I am a business coach and consultant. When I am hired, I go though an assessment (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats) to better understand the problems of my clients. As I peeled back the layers, I kept running into a reoccurring theme.

Marketing: it was a marketing problem.

As we discussed the problem I would hear over and over again:

  • I don’t know what works.
  • There are so many “experts” I don’t know who to trust.
  • It cost too much.

I decided I wanted to solve these problems and that is how the book was born.

I went to marketing experts and asked them what they did to help their clients and I went to business owners and asked them what they did to grow their business. There were four goals for the book:

  • Affordable.
  • Only effective, PROVEN marketing methods would be included
  • Include step-by-step instructions
  • Author’s contact information available so you could learn more

49 Marketing Secrets (that work) to Grow Sales accomplishes all four goals!

Behind The Scenes

Business owners, national marketing experts and other very experienced people collaborated to create a marketing book that contains marketing secrets that work.

Just a Few Examples:

  • Using the Marketing Mastery Advisory Board one company refined his marketing message, added 50 new customers and $45K in additional revenue.
  • By focusing on “outcomes,” one individual obtained a new consulting contract simply by changing his business card. A simple business card created a $4.5K consulting opportunity.
  • With a written Internet Strategy, Don Philabaum of IAC was able to develop a global client base that included Europe, Canada and Asia that produced hundreds of thousands of dollars in new business over a three year period.

The secrets in this book work because they are being used by the people who wrote the book. They are experts in growing their businesses.

  • Randy Geller discusses how he launched a new company by focusing on the one ideal customer.
  • Dennis Laughlin grew his company 3500% using the marketing secret he describes in his article.
  • Ron Finklestein attracted 300 people to a conference using the information describes in this book.
  • Jack Howe gives us just one example of a client taking an exhaustive examination of the facts to solve a marketing problem: “A Small Food Equipment Distributor was being pressured by one of his manufacturers to increase sales in his territory. After an exhaustive examination of the facts we prepare a report that proved this distributor had a 72% market share – the highest of any distributor in the nation. Needless to say, not only was the manufacture happy but the distributor was able to gain additional margin due to his market penetration.”
  • Kurt Minson increased an accounting firm’s revenues 15% (measured after one year) with only the definition of their Prime Idea. They had been absolutely flat for 13 straight quarters before that.

Here’s What Other Marketing Experts Say About
49 Marketing Secrets (that work) to Grow Sales

“The heavy hitters, the shining stars, the bright lights — they’re all here for you in this brilliant and enlightening book. It should be mandatory reading for anyone who loves marketing and profits.”

Jay Conrad Levinson, The Father of Guerrilla Marketing, Author, “Guerrilla Marketing” series of books with over 14 million sold; now in 43 languages

“Success in business requires a strong vision, a positive attitude and knowing what to do and when to do it. I’m astonished by how many answers this book has to the questions business owners ask all the time. Strong marketing paves the way to lasting success, and you’ll find what you need in ’49 Marketing Secrets’ to get wherever you want to go.”

Joe Vitale, author “The Attractor Factor” and “Zero Limits”

“Wow. A wealth of info that only a fool would ignore.”

Robert Schepens, President & CEO, Champion Staffing

When we include the national marketing experts who make their living growing companies, you can see why I am so excited.

Just Some of the Talented Expert Contributors

Dr. Tony Alessandra helps companies achieve market dominance through specific strategies designed to out-market, out-sell, and out-service the competition. Alessandra has a street-wise, college-smart perspective on business and the authors of over 18 books on sales and marketing. Dr. Alessandra uses public speaking to grow his business. He is a member of the Speaker Roundtable. The Speakers Roundtable is a “Who’s Who” of experts.

Robert Scheinfeld has been helping people create extraordinary results, in less time, with less effort, and much more fun. His passion is helping others carve out and live what he calls their “Ultimate Lifestyle.” Bob helped grow Blue Ocean Software from $1 million to $44 million in less than four years, resulting in the company being named three times to the Inc. Magazine Inc. 500 list. That tremendous growth, accompanied by outrageous profitability, led to Blue Ocean being acquired by software giant Intuit for $177 million.

Terry L. Brock, President and CEO Achievement Systems, Inc., is a professional speaker and a columnist for Business Journals around the United States. He writes about technology, marketing, and the Internet in his weekly column, Succeeding Today. Brock speaks about productivity and increasing profitability for businesses in industries such as banking, distribution, sales, marketing, real estate, and finance.

Paige Stover Hague is the owner of several Boston-based communications companies that provides strategic planning, public relations, marketing and business development services to professional services firms, small businesses, speakers and authors.

Rick Barrera is president of Overpromise, Inc., a customer experience consulting firm that designs and executes differentiating marketing strategies for companies of all sizes. An influential business lecturer for many Fortune 500 companies, he is also co-author of Non-Manipulative Selling, Collaborative Selling, and Overpromise Overdeliver. His research on the strategies used by breakthrough brands like Hummer, Tivo, and Google will change your thinking about marketing forever. Rick has helped hundreds of companies re-design their systems and implement a holistic approach to serving customers. His impressive client list includes Abbott Labs, AutoZone, Bayer, Caterpillar, IBM, Intel, Merrill Lynch and Verizon.

Ronald Finklestein, President of AKRIS, LLC, is a Small Business Success Expert, business coach, consultant, speaker, author, and trainer, and has published two books, Celebrating Success! Fourteen Ways to Create a Successful Company and The Platinum Rule for Small Business Mastery. He contributed to 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life. Using strategies outlined in this book, Ron helped create a marketing strategy that grew revenues by 35% for one company and created hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional revenue for another company.

Pete Johnson, or Dr. Strategy, has spent the last twenty-five years researching, analyzing, and advising some of the world’s top performing organizations on how to improve their bottom-line performance. As a result of this extensive ongoing research he’s pioneered a unique, fluid approach to strategic planning that makes it possible for you to adapt immediately on demand to the critical issues you might encounter in competing for success in today’s constantly changing global marketplace.

Pete shared this story:

“I was in for a follow up meeting with one of my clients. I provided 5 copies of his company’s Strategic Business Plan that was the compiled from the previous two day annual management planning retreat. The copies were nicely packaged and comb bound, as this represented the byproduct of my work with them. The CEO, without really looking at it, put it in his briefcase and said he’d review it at home that night.

“The next day he had an appointment with his banker to discuss potential funding considerations for an upcoming acquisition. The banker asked him if his company had some type of business plan that the bank might review to evaluate their soundness (of their strategy). The CEO recalled putting the Plan in his briefcase the night before. Despite not having reviewed it, without hesitation he pulled it from his briefcase and showed it to the banker. What seemed to impress the banker the most was that they conducted a very organized annual management planning retreat and produced an actual plan (document) – all within 30 days. The CEO’s copy contained the consultant’s “red-inked” comments and areas of priority. It was titled… “Working Strategic Plan”. Needless to say the bank responded favorably to the CEO’s request.

David Garfinkel is founder of the World Copywriting Institute in San Francisco. He’s author of Advertising Headlines That Make Your Rich and co-author of Guerrilla Copywriting. His groundbreaking multimedia product Copywriting Templates has revolutionized the teaching and practice of writing effective advertising.

As a marketing consultant and master copywriter, David has worked with businesses in 81 different industries. He’s an established teacher of business writing skills with a long list of successful clients in the corporate, entrepreneurial and professional services arena. David’s Money-Making Copywriting Course is the only such course endorsed and recommended by the National Mail Order Association.

David’s clients include such well known companies as IBM, United Airlines, Pacific Bell, Time-Life Books and MCI. Today, most of David’s clients are smaller prosperous businesses that want to increase sales quickly, and sustain the increase at the lowest possible cost. Here are some results David has achieved for his clients:

  • * Created a 3-page plain text sales letter that a 6-person travel agency had
    to stop mailing because the response was too overwhelming. The owner later
    confirmed that the business from this letter accounted for $5 million a year
    in added sales for several years running.
  • Developed a Web direct marketing program for a business-to-business service
    company that catapulted the company to the top three in its very lucrative and
    large industry in two years.
  • Devised a trade show strategy that a 1-month-old organic fertilizer company
    used to get 44 hot leads from large farmers and established chemical
    companies from a 10 x 10 booth at an agricultural trade show.

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Why Should I Read
49 Marketing Secrets (that work) to Grow Sales?

If you have trouble understanding how marketing will help you grow your business – you have come to the right spot. When you purchase this book you will learn:

9 Thinking to Win Marketing Strategies

8 Branding and Corporate Image Strategies

6 Media Strategies

3 Networking Strategies

9 Technology-Based Marketing Strategies:

6 Event Strategies

8 Sales Strategies

Great, but so what? What’s this cornucopia of marketing ideas going to do for you?


Here’s just a sample of the results executing these marketing secrets have provided others:

  • Don Philabaum of IAC reduced their cost to market from $46,000 per year to nearly zero by focusing on email marketing. At the same time they increased the number of leads received by 88%.
  • By switching to demos of products and lead cultivation in structured online webinars, this company was able to cut lead generation costs by $200 per lead and reduce the time to make a decision by 3 months.
  • By increasing our search engine position, this organization was able to increase the number of casual leads it received for smaller, niche products by 1000 percent without spending sales time generating the leads

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Want more?

“We at PCS have gone from $0 in 1996 to $1.7M in 2006 using the techniques outlined in this book. We also started ISI, SBT and MSS and grow them from $0 to $750K. We have purchased two companies and growing them as well and we are adding an average of 2 new customers per week. There are over 700 active customers now.”

Deborah Chaddock Brown explained that “stores that successfully planned (events) would increase their sales for the day from an average of $2-3k on a regular Saturday to anywhere from $6k to $16k. It was all in the planning and word of mouth advertising and in the execution on the day of the sale. The key was in the planning.”

What do others say about 49 Marketing Secrets (that work) to Grow Sales?

When I read a business book, I look for a book that is practical, packed with examples, and easy to comprehend. I don’t have time for anything less. In 49 Marketing Secrets (that work) to Grow Sales, Finklestein and the contributors present specific, actionable guidance based on real experience. The issues cover everything from strategic planning to leveraging radio talk shows to grow your business. Best of all, the writing is conversational, such that the reader feels like s/he is actually speaking with the authors. The book makes for a quick, but very powerful read. If you are a small business looking to grow by standing on the shoulders of giants and implementing their practical suggestions, 49 Marketing Secrets is more than worth the time you’ll invest to read it.

David J. Akers, President & CEO of the Northeast Ohio Sourcing Office

WARNING: 49 Secrets contains dozens of incredibly addictive and valuable Knowledge Nuggets for the Business Brain. Investing even ten minutes a day reading one or more of these nuggets will improve your potential for success. Be careful though: You may discover strategies for SUCCESS that will carry you far beyond those of your non-reading competitors.

Alan L. Plastow, MAT, PMP
Author, Modern Pirates: The only resource for protecting your company from the software police & copyright cops.
Founder, The Business Technology Consumer Network

“49 Marketing Secrets makes what you learn in standard marketing textbooks look like child’s play. Why would so many self-made millionaires give away their best marketing tactics? The best I can figure is they had an axe to grind and wanted to set some records straight. Whatever the reason, I am a better man for their teachings. These tactics really work.”

Ben Mack, #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author, Think Two Products Ahead

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Ron Finklestein is an accomplished Sales Training Coach and Consultant for small businesses. Professional and public speaker. International business author.

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