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Ronald Finklestein

Sales Tip # 10 – Perception is Reality

Perception is Reality! In this short video (57 seconds),  you will see the impact perception has on another person's reality. If you are dressing, speaking, or doing things that are not congruent with other’s expectations of you (in your job), you … [Read More...]

Ronald Finklestein

Sales Tip # 9 – Stop Thinking

Sales Tip # 9 – Stop Thinking Stop Thinking Just stop thinking. You did the analytics. You did the risk analysis. You know what can go wrong. You know you need to take action but you can’t stop thinking about what can go wrong, about what … [Read More...]

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Sale Tip # 8 – Why are you different?

Sale Tip # 8 – Why are you different? I received a call from my nephew and he asked me this question, “Why are you different?” What is was really … [Read More...]


Sales Tip # 7 – Be Honest!

Sales Tip # 7 – Be Honest! People need to trust you before they buy from you. I am planning a big event for September and I was shopping hotels … [Read More...]

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Tip # 4 to Grow Sales – Buy on Price – Buy Twice

Buy on price – pay twice! Many years ago, while I was remodeling a house, I needed a specific tool to finish the job. It was a fairly expensive tool, $99 on the low-end up to $400 at the top end. … [Read More...]

Book Award!

I have a favor to ask of you - my readers. My book, “Making a Difference: From Being Successful to Being Significant,” has been nominated for Small Business Trends business book of the year award. I … [Read More...]