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5 Reasons You Need An Attorney for Your Small Business

Tweet When you're an entrepreneur, your business is your baby. Clearly nobody knows more about your offspring than you do, so why would you want some lawyer sticking their nose in and messing around with your clearly successful path so far? … [Read More...]

Innovating what Your Customers will Buy

There is a difference between innovating what your customers ask for and innovating what your customers will buy. Mull that over for a minute. If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said faster horses. Henry Ford I love … [Read More...]

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Ronald Finklestein

Sales Tip # 10 – Perception is Reality

Perception is Reality! In this short video (57 seconds),  you will see the impact perception has on another person's reality. If you are dressing, … [Read More...]

Ronald Finklestein

Sales Tip # 9 – Stop Thinking

Sales Tip # 9 – Stop Thinking Stop Thinking Just stop thinking. You did the analytics. You did the risk analysis. You know what can go wrong. … [Read More...]

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Sales Tip # 6 – Are you Likeable?

Sales Tip # 6 – Are you Likeable? We all know people buy from others they know, like and trust. If that is true, and I believe it is - are you likeable? If you are likeable what do you do to … [Read More...]


Sales Tip # 5 – Don’t be Stupid

Sales Tip # 5  - Don't be stupid! Sometimes in our haste we do something stupid. I received this email, “If you are still in business call me?” That was all there was to the email (I withheld … [Read More...]