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Why don’t people buy from me?

Did you ever ask yourself, “Why don’t people buy from me?” The Biggest Marketing Challenge WE All Face The biggest challenge we’re dealing with today is change. Things are changing so fast. As a result of this rapid pace of change people do not … [Read More...]


Did you have a Sacred Moment Today?

Did you have a Sacred Moment Today? An elder woman and her coworker are working at a newsstand and there are 30 people demanding their attention. They all want their newspaper - now.  The coworker is frazzled and frustrated because everyone wants … [Read More...]

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Sales Tip 11 – Hey, What’s up

Hey, what’s up? Someone who bills themselves as a social media & LinkedIn expert (her words not mine) asked to connect with me on LinkedIn. … [Read More...]

5 Reasons You Need An Attorney for Your Small Business

Tweet When you're an entrepreneur, your business is your baby. Clearly nobody knows more about your offspring than you do, so why would you want some … [Read More...]

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Sales Tip # 9 – Stop Thinking

Sales Tip # 9 – Stop Thinking Stop Thinking Just stop thinking. You did the analytics. You did the risk analysis. You know what can go wrong. You know you need to take action but you can’t … [Read More...]


Sale Tip # 8 – Why are you different?

Sale Tip # 8 – Why are you different? I received a call from my nephew and he asked me this question, “Why are you different?” What is was really asking is, “Why are you different from your … [Read More...]